Strategic Capital Advisors is a Mergers & Acquistions firm, created to serve companies requiring more than the infusion of human capital. Through mergers and acquisitions, Strategic Capital Advisors successfully secured over $4 Billion of newly-acquired assets under management for its clients in 2004.

Contrary to popular belief, there is a short cut to growth: The acquisition. Growth through mergers and acquisitions can often be a faster, cheaper, and less time-consuming proposition than the more traditional methods of organic growth. The acquisition approach to growth offers distinct advantages, including accelerated market penetration, easier financing, and instant economies of scale.

Very few major companies have grown to their current standards without utilizing M & A strategies. Many of the Fortune 500 firms have used these strategies to gain market share and to accelerate their progress in reaching scale. Today, these external growth strategies are being utilized by small to mid-size companies, as well. The smaller market capitalization company can efficiently grow by acquiring, merging, or creating joint ventures with a complementary company. It is quite common for a firm to acquire a competitor to gain distribution, solidify market share, merge assets to reach scale, or take advantage of a variety of opportunistic strategies. The advantages of mergers and acquisitions are hardly limited to marketing or financing applications when companies merge, the whole is often greater than the sum of its parts.



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