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Ty Hart
Affiliate Director

Tyrone “Ty” Hart serves as a Consultant to Strategic Alliance Group and is one of the firm’s Affiliate Directors. He works closely with our many clients and plays a major role in the firm’s Diversity program.

After living in Washington, D.C. for 25 years, Ty relocated to Miami Shores, FL.  While in D.C., he had a distinguished career in financial planning with the Principal Financial Group and was on staff with several universities, including Tacoma Park Junior College, Bowie State University, and Virginia State University.  Ty has also been the Project Education Coordinator for Diversity at George Mason University, affiliated with the Graduate Education Department. 

Since coming to Florida, he has been on staff with Baptist Health of South Florida (one of the largest health networks in the country), a Director at Camillus House (one of the most well-known philanthropic charities in Florida), and the Vice President of Development and Public Relations for the Urban League of Broward County (working closely with professional sports teams). 

Ty is a Howard University graduate with a degree in Political Science and Business.  He has had over 20 years of service with the United States Air Force, retiring from active duty as a Captain (he still serves in the USAF Reserves).  During the 1984 Presidential election, Ty served as an Advanceman, concentrating on Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Arkansas for former U.S. Vice President Walter Mondale.

Ty’s extensive contacts in both Financial Services and Higher Education will enable S.A.G. to better serve its new and existing clients in these areas. He will also be assisting S.A.G. in further developing its specialized Diversity program. 

Ty Hart may be contacted either by calling (954) 332-3033 Ext. 220 or by emailing

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