Arthur Drago

“People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and  courageously. This is how character is built” Eleanor Roosevelt

Arthur has devoted the greater part of his professional career to  serving the needs of the Financial Services community. During his  career in the securities industry, he held positions with regional and  Fortune 200 “Wall Street” firms as stock broker, trader, and  compliance manager. His NASD licenses, including the series 7 and  24, were maintained with distinction throughout his career.

While still in the securities industry, Arthur had the opportunity to create two successful  businesses, in the fields of advertising and product distribution. The thrill and challenge of  creating a new enterprise sparked his entrepreneurial passion and inspired him to leave the  “corporate” world. In 1999, Arthur entered the executive search arena, and in 2004, he led a  successful management buy-out, resulting in the creation of Strategic Alliance Group, LLC, a  national executive search firm. The success of the executive search firm prompted him to  create Strategic Capital Advisors, LLC, a very successful Mergers & Acquisition firm, thereby  fulfilling his vision of providing a “full-service firm” for his clients.

For the past twenty seven years, Arthur has served in the U.S. Naval Reserves. In response to  September 11th, his unit was mobilized to active duty. Under Operation Enduring Freedom and  Operation Noble Eagle. Arthur was separated from his wife and three children for close to a year. Today, Arthur serves as the Command Chief of a reserve unit in Miami, Fl.

Since the inception of SAG & SCA, a portion of every  dollar earned by these firms has been donated to worthy causes.

Arthur serves as the Chairman of the City of Sunrise Leisure Services Board and is a Board member  of the University of Phoenix Business Advisory Council. On  the personal side, Arthur has a passion for boating, fishing, and scuba diving. He coaches  little league baseball and soccer, where he teaches kids that believing you can do it is 50% of  the game.



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