Sir Winston Churchill once noted, “We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.” The Strategic companies have etched this rich philosophy into the very fabric of their organization. By committing itself to the “giving back” philosophy, it has enabled the firms' individual successes to take on a deeper, broader significance. Moreover, our Clients have the additional benefit of knowing that while their needs are being met, they will indirectly be meeting the needs of others.

Strategic Alliance Group, LLC, and Strategic Capital Advisors, LLC, Support Charitable Causes

Firms support numerous charities and families through charitable giving and volunteer work.

Ft. Lauderdale , FL – Strategic Alliance Group, LLC, and Strategic Capital Advisors, LLC, commit significant resources to charitable giving and volunteer work in 2004.

A major part of the Strategic companies' philosophy involves giving back to the community. Since the firms' inception, a portion of every revenue dollar received has been given back in the form of charitable donations, most of which are chosen by the firms' clients.

A few of the organizations to receive donations last year were:

  • Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital – • Memphis, TN – SJCH is the single largest center in the United States for the treatment and research of pediatric cancer and other childhood catastrophic diseases.

  • Roberto Bazzoni Onlus – Milano, Italy - RBO develops projects to sustain humanitarian interventions in developing countries, through viable social and humanitarian aid.

  • On the Rise – Cambridge , MA - OTR helps women overcome a variety of challenges, including the following: homelessness; physical illness; substance abuse; domestic violence; and mental health issues.
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In addition to contributing money, the Drago Holdings companies, SAG and SCA, believe in volunteering their time to worthy causes: August 2004 saw Hurricane Jeanne sweeping through Florida , destroying many homes and leaving families devastated. Thankfully, for at least one Deerfield Beach family, the Arthur J. Drago Foundation was there to help. Hurricane force winds toppled two 60-foot trees onto the family's home. Having exhausted financial and governmental aid, the family turned to United Way of Broward County which, in-turn, called upon the Arthur J. Drago Foundation. The Foundation quickly mobilized SAG and SCA employees, together with community and Naval Reserve volunteers, to begin the arduous process of removing trees and debris from the family's roof. Hundreds of man-hours later, the trees and debris were removed and the family's home was ready for final repairs. “We've just begun to help those in need; I'm certain 2005 will offer new opportunities to serve those in greatest need in our communities, both through sweat and through financial contributions,” promised Arthur J. Drago, the firms' founder and foundation chair.

Strategic Alliance Group, LLC (retained executive search) and Strategic Capital Advisors, LLC (mergers and acquisitions) are both wholly-owned subsidiaries of Drago Holdings, LLC.

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