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The Logistics and Supply Chain Management field is ever-changing. With the rapid expansion  of the global marketplace, talented logistics professionals professionals who can bring state- of-the-art technology to firms are in great demand. In addition, emerging technologies and  new industry initiatives have created a new type of employee: the supply chain professional.

Our consultants have filled mandates in Distribution Management, Software Technology, and  3PLs. Faced with regional consolidations, companies need professionals to assess cost- reduction plans, inventory management issues, and high technology implementation. These  ever-increasing needs have made it extremely important for firms to have knowledgeable,  professional search consultants on whom they can rely. Strategic Alliance Group has those  consultants.

Areas of specialization include the following:

  Supply Chain Management Consultants
Head of Business Development
Information Technology Professionals

For a list of our sample placements, please contact Strategic Alliance Group at (954) 332-3033.


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