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This division is committed to recruiting professionals with the unique experience and leadership skills required in helping non-profit organizations achieve their goals. Having worked with charities, foundations, educational institutions, and trade associations, we have developed a better appreciation for the specific challenges faced by Not-For-Profits challenges that include employment issues such as reduced budgets, restricted resources, and high attrition rates. We can help meet these challenges.

Our firm has placed a wide variety of candidates in the Not-For-Profit sector, including Executive Directors, Development Officers, and Board Members.

We believe that by helping Not-For-Profit organizations hire creative and dedicated professionals, we are ultimately benefiting the families and communities that non-profits serve.


Areas of specialization include the following:

  • Directors of Development
  • Directors of Planned Giving
  • Executive Directors
  • Presidents
  • Chief Executive Officers
For a list of our sample placements, please contact Strategic Alliance Group at (954) 332-3033.


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