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In his May 2005 speech to senior corporate executives from around the world, Bill Gates began by saying, “I get to talk a little bit about how technology has changed, and how software, combined with hardware advances, is really allowing people to be more demanding on the productivity they get out of workers of all types.” Every day, new systems and programs are created to enable companies to work more efficiently than ever before. Capitalizing on new technology, firms are now realizing just how rapidly they can achieve their full potential. To take advantage of these innovative new technologies, firms must have the right IT professionals in place – professionals who possess a never-ending thirst for knowledge and the ability to consistently deliver the “latest and greatest.” Selecting professionals with a proven record of placing the most talented, most qualified IT professionals is critical. Those professionals are at Strategic Alliance Group.


  • Systems Integration

  • Quality Assurance & Testing

  • BusinessContinuity/Disaster Recovery

  • Business Analysis

  • Application Architecture

  • Database Design

  • Project Management

  • Outsourcing


Vertical Markets:

  • Financial Services

  • Insurance

  • UtilityManufacturing/Retail/Consumer

  • Pharmaceutical/Biotech

  • Accounting

  • Banking

  • Shipping/Distribution

For a list of our sample placements, please contact Strategic Alliance Group at (954) 332-3033.


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