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The foundation for any successful partnership is mutual trust. This is especially true in the realm of private wealth management, where a client’s private assets are entrusted to a financial advisor. Firms with private wealth clients focus on providing successful performance while ensuring integrity, impartiality, and complete confidentiality. Hiring the right individuals - individuals who can effectively cater to the diverse needs of extremely wealthy individuals - is the first step in building this mutual trust. Selecting an executive search firm that understands the significance of this relationship is critical. Strategic Alliance Group is that firm.

Areas of specialization include the following:

  • Senior VP of Wealth Management
  • Private Banking
  • Trust Officers
  • Private Wealth Portfolio Managers
  • Private Bankers
  • Financial Planners
  • Relationship Managers
  • Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) Family Offices
For a list of our sample placements, please contact Strategic Alliance Group at (954) 332-3033.

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Portfolio Management

Private Wealth Management

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